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PürHealth Technologies Inc. llevó a cabo más de 13 meses de pruebas exhaustivas de seguridad y cumplimiento antes de lanzar HoldSafe a los mercados de América del Norte y Europa.


HoldSafe fue diseñado para cumplir con los requisitos de cumplimiento en 4 categorías principales:


  1. Puntos de atrapamiento y pellizco

  2. Seguridad con luz ultravioleta

  3. Resistencia al impacto

  4. Seguridad ELECTRICA



HoldSafe ha sido probado y verificado para el cumplimiento de los requisitos relevantes de los siguientes organismos de estándares:


UV-C EFFECTIVENESS:  The UV-C LED source is the most critical component of a system. All UV-C LEDs are NOT equal. 



QUALITY: What steps have been formally taken to ensure the product has been independently verified? 

DESIGN:  Design optimization of the unit includes how the UVC light is distributed, power management, monitoring features and more. 

3 Things to Know Before you Buy


Poorly designed products may have the wrong UVC wavelength, wrong input power, incorrect UV light distribution, and inaccurate exposure times which may simply be damaging your handrail, or doing NOTHING at all.  


The following are some actual examples:

The UVC LED Source is Unknown or not Clearly Disclosed

"..we use LED 3535, 12 pieces..."

  • ”3535” indicates the LED package size and is an industry standard, but has no bearing on the actual UVC LED manufacturer, material or performance

  • Insist on the LED source (manufacturer) and Specification & Datasheets

The Use of Reflectors or Indirect UVC on the Handrail

  • Reflectors will never be as effective as direct UVC exposure on 3 sides of the handrail 

  • Different materials have different absorption rates so any use of reflection drops efficacy immediately

  • The reflective angles are unlikely to be optimized or calibrated to maximize exposure

The Misleading

Use or Reference of Certification Bodies

"..this product has CE certificate..."

  • CE requires a Declaration number and is filed by an authorized representative

  • Verify which EU directives and who conducted the compliance review.

  • Some directives and certifications are irrelevant to the unit performance.

The Use of Generic UVC Test Data

"..utilizesUV-C LED light technology which is known to kill up to 99.9% of E-coli bacteria......"

  • The statement is accurate, but does not explain or validate the actual unit performance

  • Bacteria and viruses will react differently to UVC and require specific testing

  • Laboratory tests are conducted in petri-dishes, not on actual handrail material

Misleading Lifetime Claims

"..durable LED bulb, rated for up to 20,000 hours...."

"..on and off times >3000000 times..."

  • LEDs lifetime will degrade based on drive current and thermal conditions.  Stating claims without proven lifetime data (industry standard) is useless

  • On/Off time is a completely misleading and irrelevant specification for a disinfection unit


The WARNING Signs of Poor Design

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